About Countify

Meet Our Revolutionary Front End Tool For Big Data Management and Modeling

Countify™ is a server-based software solution that replicates Microsoft Excel’s modeling capacities in the cloud delivering higher speeds, causing lower IT infrastructure drain and greatly expanding the Microsoft Excel feature base.

Using a plugin for Microsoft Excel, Countify™ seamlessly sends data to our high performance engine called Quaddro to compute and either return the data to Excel, feed it into an API or previewing it to clients in a web interface.  

Since all database and formula management is done centrally on the cloud server, all users connected to Countify™ have access to the same libraries. Beyond that, users gain access to an “app store”-type library management system, enabling them to instantly add and remove entire formula libraries, share their own custom made formula’s and purchase commercial data sources.

As output, the Quaddro Engine delivers constant real-time calculations/ updated data streams independent from any local machine running.

Full Excel Integration

Build, Manage, Add, Buy and Remove Your Data Sources and Models, all from within Excel.

Model Trading

Publish and exchange the models you have built, either within your organization or even with other Countify users.

Revolutionary Data Source Management

Not only can you add and buy your own data bases but countify comes with a huge selection of free statistical data sources.

24/7 Support

Not finding what you are looking for? Drop us an email and we will help to integrate your data source.


At the Heart of Countify Lies Quaddro, our state of the Art Cloud Rendering Engine.

Premium Sharing

Anything you set up in Quaddro can be shared using an Excel like web interface. And just like anything else around quaddro, any change will be reflected immediately in real time.

100% Cloud

You go home, Quaddro keeps on going.

Independent API Feeding

Once setup, quaddro will take your data models and share their output with the world by using a range of simple to integrate API.

Super Speedy and Less Resource Hungry

Any IT managers dream. Do more with much less.


Get a better impression of how well integrated countify is.


Installed Libraries

Quaddro Overview

The World of quaddro.

State of the Art Models



Importing a Data Source


Amazing Excel Integration


Countify's App Store


See Countify in Action. A few impressions from ou latest FinDevr Conference Presentation in NYC.

The Countify Way

What challenges does Countify tackle.

Live Demo

See how Countify works its magic.


Whats under the hood.

The Countify engine and Countify for Excel have really revolutionized the way we do pricing.


Take a closer look into our amazing team.

Cristian Alzati

Lead Developer

Cristian spent over five years with UBS in Zurich where he designed and built a highly successful server-based spreadsheet system.

Cristian holds a Master's and an Engineer's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Master of Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Laura Mehler

Lead Business Development

Laura is Head of Business Development at Countify and leads all strategy-related activities. Before that, she was working for the investment management arm at Axel Springer SE and gained consulting experience at BCG.

Laura holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.Sc. from European Business School.

Florian Korn

Lead Product Development

Florian has helped build, structure and set up new companies over the past 10 years. He has been active in the corporate finance arm of a major bank and supported early stage corporate financing strategies.

Florian holds an MBA from HEC Paris and a B.A. in Business from the University of Cologne.

Thede Schlömer

Lead Sales

Before joining Countify, Thede was leading the innovation activities of PwC Switzerland and gained experience as consultant in the area of Strategy & Business Restructuring.

Thede holds an MBA from HEC Paris and a B.Sc. from EBS European Business School.



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