countify upgrades your Excel spreadsheets. No more sending around spreadsheets and emails to share or collect data. With countify you can manage data requests and shares without leaving Excel.  


  • Send data requests from within Excel – no more email attachments
  • Send individual cells, tabs or entire files to others
  • Contributors can enter data on the go via a web browser
  • No copy & paste: data is pushed back in file at the right location and in the right format
  • Manage your workflow in Excel: send data, review & approve data, track changes, send reminders

Share data

  • Share parts of your analyses right from Excel – no more email attachments
  • Others can access data in web browser
  • Define access rights down to the individual cell-level – no more locking cells and hiding tabs
  • Shared selection is fully functional – data is recalculated and graphs updated in real-time when data inputs are changed
  • Live updates are pushed from Excel to web browser

Check out our Feature  and Use Case section for further information and product videos


  1. Improve collaboration in Excel
    • Connect teams for efficient data sharing
    • Set up workflows customized to your needs: share individual cells, enable multi-user-access, customize approval and audit features
  2. Save time through automation
    • No more email attachments
    • No more copy&paste
  3. Introduce audit and control features to Excel
    • Provide cell-level access controls
    • Audit data entries and access submission history
  4. Stay in familiar Excel environment
    • Countify Excel plug-in: No migration to other tools
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Keep full Excel functionality
  5. Super Secure Cloud
    • SSL encrypted traffic for anything to and from the countify cloud
    • Full server-side AES256 data encryption for anything stored in the countify cloud
  6. Mobile access to Excel data
    • Collect and share data via web browser
    • View, enter and approve data on-the-go