Use Case: Accounting

Use preset templates to build your own accounting solution.

At the Office

Boss: (staring hard at his PC’s screen)

Employee: Boss, just grab the template from the cloud. Its APIs will give you the general layer, accounts payable, receivable. Our clients can enrich its data.

Boss: Directly from their Excel!

Employee: Even from their phone!

Boss: Show me!

Use Case: Virtual Classroom

Take advantage of the thousands of API libraries available to power your tables and charts in real time.

In a Virtual Classroom

Teacher: Tomkins, why your chart looks so different ?

Tomkins: I used the Super-specialized data API in Countify, mister. The data is recent and much cleaner.

Teacher: It moves like a snake, look!

Perkins and Larkins: Wow. It’s the new API’s dynamic calibration! How cheeky of you, Tomkins!