Use Cases2 – Finance: Share dashboards


As an analyst in your company, you are in charge of aligning financial analyses and financial planning figures with your management. Since you are dealing with highly sensitive data that can’t be shared with others, you generally end up copy & paste data in a Powerpoint or another Excel file only showing the data you want to share by locking cells and hiding tabs within Excel.

Your major issues:

  • The copied data is static e.g. when assumption change, you have to change the assumptions in master file and send out the numbers again
  • You can’t access the analyses on the go – if the recipient does not have access to a device accordingly he cannot use the data
  • The selection can be fully functional factoring in the hidden data, but it is a time-consuming and error-prone process to restrict acces

Use countify to directly share analyses from within Exce

  • Share parts of your analyses right from Excel – no more email attachments
  • Define access rights down to the individual cell-level – no more locking cells and hiding tabs
  • Enable mobile access to data via web browser
  • Shared selection is fully functional – data is recalculated and graphs updated in real-time when data inputs are changed
  • Live updates are pushed from Excel to web browser