Use Cases3 – Sales: Automate creation of sales reports


One of your major tasks as Head of Sales is to track weekly sales figures of your field sales force. For this, you have built a sales reporting template showing sales volume, revenues and the performance of each individual field sales force (see screenshot on the right). 

Each sales force member is required to send you his/her individual sales data in an Excel file every Friday via email. 

Once this is done, you copy & paste all information in your sales report master file in order to create a dashboard for a holistic overview. 

Your major issues:

  • Wasting a signification amount of time doing non value-adding work
  • High risk of errors due to manual multi-step process
  • Updates require additional work and are not reflected immediately


Use countify to automate your data collection and sharing process

  • Design the weekly sales report Excel file master file with the performance dashboard and the underlying input tabs for each sales agent
  • Assign input tab to a sales force member and define reminder and workflow to collect data on a regular basis (individual case-by-case rules possible)
  • Sales agents provide their sales data via a web browser, which is then automatically pushed back into your masterfile.
  • Track submission status of sales agents’ input and send automated reminders
  • Have data and dashboard always up-to-date through real-time updates from sales agents (if required)