Use Cases4 – Pricing: Build web-based price quotation tool


Your sales force is out in the field and they need to be able to generate price quotes for potential customers “on the fly”. This often takes into account factoring in customer specific variables like location, order size, risk class, contract term – there is no standard price list. Since you prefer not to work with a standard software but use your own, highly sophisticated pricing models in Excel, you need to make your prices available to the sales force to calculate price quotes for customers. 

Your major issues:

  • Risk of outdated information: Risk that sales force members work off of outdated spreadsheets and give out wrong prize quotas. 
  • Risk of access to underlying pricing logicThe underlying pricing information is proprietary. When sending around spreadsheets, tabs need to be hidden and access restricted.
  • No mobile access to dataSales agents are often required to boot up their laptops to enter customer information and create an individual quote for the client. This is often time-consuming.

Use countify to use your Excel-based pricing model like an individual pricing software:

  • Build your own price quotation tool based on your Excel model
  • Give web-based access to your model via price-quotation front page (a tab in Excel)
  • Enable real-time prices quotes without the necessity to open an Excel file and without giving access to the underlying pricing logic
  • Ensure always up-to-date information by having your master file as “unique point of truth”

 Template in Excel
Template in Excel
  Web-based tool
 Web-based tool