Use Cases5 – Provide access to real-time data


You work with data that is highly relevant for other teams within your company or for your clients/partners. Additionally, this data changes on a rather frequent basis (e.g. purchase prices from commodity supplier). 

 Your major issues:

  • Making your data available to third parties is complicated. So how is the data typically shared? You either send around update emails to all relevant teams as soon as new data is released, or you post a file on a shared drive, or you answer many phone calls where people ask you for the latest information. Most of the time it is a mix of all 3.
  • Manual work to manage data request and update data is very time consuming
  • Often errors occur because people use outdated data

Use countify to distribute your data in real-time among teams and partners:

  • Share parts of your analyses right from Excel – no more email attachments
  • Information is always up to date: Live updates are pushed from your Excel to web browser in real-time
  • Team can enable alerts to be notified as soon as data is updated by you
  • Team can access information on any mobile device via the web browser
  • Define access rights down to the individual cell-level – no more locking cells and hiding tabs